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Labor Support

Includes 3 Virtual Prenatal Sessions, Birth and 1 Postpartum Follow-up Visit 

Cost 1,800$ 

Contact me for a free virtual consultation.

Doulas for All

If you think you cannot afford a doula attended Birth.

You are wrong. Contact me for information on insurance and other funding available to cover the cost of your doula services. 



Did you know?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) which is an organization concerned with the quality of ob/gyn practice in the U.S. Now recommends continuous labor support by a trained support person like a doula as a strategy for reducing intervention during labor. Why do we want to reduce interventions during birth, you ask? Interventions such as continuous fetal monitoring, artificial rupture of membranes, pitocin augmentation etc. increase the risk of needing even more serious interventions and can lead to adverse outcomes for mother and baby.

28% Decrease C-section Risk

31% Decrease  Pitocin Use

21% Increase Spontaneous Vaginal Birth

9% less pain medication use 

Increase Breastfeeding Success

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