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Prenatal Nutrition

Experiencing nausea, vomiting , food aversions or even gestational diabetes? Healthy eating and adequate weight gain is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Find out if you are getting the necessary nutrients and learn about food safety during pregnancy. 

Infant Feeding

When to start and what to start first. If your baby is at least 6 months old and showing an interest in food it time to introduce solids. If you still think infant cereal is the ultimate first food, think again.

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Sweet Pea Kids

Picky eater? Eating problems during childhood are common. Get a detailed look at your toddler or child's nutritional intake with a complete diet analysis and get tailored recommendations  for optimal nutrition.

Weight Management

Having trouble shedding extra pounds after pregnancy?  Healthy eating and physical activity can sometimes be a challenge, especially for busy moms. Learn ways to make realistic changes to improve your weight and overall health. 

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Today more people are diagnosed with food allergies. If you or your child have been diagnosed with a food allergy it is important to learn how to read food labels carefully, how to be safe when eating out and how to prepare delicious allergy friendly meals. 

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Food Intolerance

Some foods are not for everyone. Food intolerance can cause symptoms such as problems with digestion, stomach discomfort and even skin problems.  Elimination diets can help pin point the culprit, improve digestion and overall health.

Service Prices

Prenatal Nutrition


Initial consultation

Follow-up fees at reduce rates when purchased together

1 hr session

includes complete diet analysis

Food Journal

Weight gain tracking

Weight Management


Initial Consultation

One follow up week included

2 hr consultation

1 hour follow up session

1 week phone support

Includes complete diet analysis

Food Journal

Tailored Plan

Infant Feeding


Infant nutrition counseling and baby food making session

1 hr infant nutrition session


2 hour baby food making session

Includes food, jars,  pouches or tray

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